#StudioDIYinCostume 2015 Recap + Studio DIY Turns 4!

HO.LY.MO.LY. In lieu of our typical weekend round-up today I wanted to share my annual #StudioDIYinCostume Recap… except this year it’s SUPER SIZED!!!! Hundreds and hundreds of you shared photos of your Studio DIY costumes in the feed this year and it was like EACH ONE WAS BETTER THAN THE LAST! Every one was my favorite. Every one made me smile and laugh and just DIE with happiness. I can’t get over how lucky I am to have such a darn TALENTED, AWESOME and ROCKSTAR group joining this Troop!!! This Halloween was our best one yet thanks to all of you! Check out all the costumes everyone created below and then join me in picking up your jaw off the floor. HA!

#StudioDIYinCostume 2015

I tried my very hardest to include everyone who hashtagged, tagged me, emailed me and/or sent me a DM but please don’t hate me if I missed you! Because I still love you! And you all are my heroes.

PHEW! Did you stick with me through all that awesomeness!? I know I’ve said it a few times already this season, but I’ll never tire of saying thank you to everyone who reads, follows and DIYs along with us. Can’t put into words how happy putting together this collage made me. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Studio DIY’s FOURTH birthday, which just so happens to be today!!!  As Whitney and I said together… I will always love you. ?

Four years, woah. I feel a dance video comin’ on! Happy Weekend, guys!

psst… You can check out 2014’s costume round-up here!

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