DIY Yeezy Sock Boots

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OKAY- so the timing on this post is not so great considering Kanye’s current state. I’m not at all surprised he got committed, just surprised it didn’t happen sooner (like when he told the world he is running for president in 2020?!?! That gave me nightmares.).

I just hope that all of this isn’t because a HUGE drop in Yeezy sales due to the fact the internet found out how to hack his $900 sock boots…. cause I am joining in on it  I kinda feel sorta bad about it.

JUST KIDDING, Kanye sucks. I don’t feel bad (but really, get better buddy!).

The NuVogue was the blogger who originally came up with this amazing fashion hack basically broke the internet. Everyone was turning their go-to pumps into amazing sock booties for a teeny tiny fraction of Yeezy’s price tag… I had to give it a go!

Check the video below to see how it’s done,  as for Kanye… I am grateful for you creating cute but ridiculously overpriced clothes that people can easily make at home.

x, E

DIY Yeezy Sock Heels

» nude heels (or whatever color best matches the color sock you plan to use!)

» socks! I got these in nude, but they also come in a ton of different colors! They are great cause they’re super snug fitting.

» Non-skid pads

» scissors

1. Put on the heels you want to use- but try to keep the sock and the shoe in th same color family!

2. Slide your sock on so it’s snug over your shoe snip a tiny hole where the heel is.

3. Pull the sock tight repeat on the other side.

4. Obviously- you can’t walk on socks cause it’s super slippery, so adhere some non-skid pads to the toe pad of the shoe (is that what that’s called?). TA-DAH, that’s it. Good to go about $800 richer than if you splurged on the real deal. 

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fashionlush, diy, yeezy sock boot

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