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I am really having a moment with more edgy feels lately  just about anything oversized. I got this borrowed from the boys long sleeve white t-shirt on Amazon while on one of my many late night Amazons shopping sprees (kind of a problem) and although I loved the fit fabric, it needed a little something something.

I have been seeing these tie cuff blouses  shirts all over the place, so I grabbed some d-ring belts (major 7th grade throwback) decided to make my own. It was just what the shirt needed to up the cool factor, extremely simple to make. Pair this rad new shirt dress w/ some black tights either chunky boots or thigh high boots and layered chokers for an easy, yet super cool, overall look.

Peep the supplies step by step (with a video) below! have fun with this one- I’m obsessed w/ it! . x, E

fashionlush, diy belted cuff tee, fashion hack

DIY Belted Cuff Tee

» oversized long sleeve t-shirt

» 2 d-ring belts

» scissors jewelry pliers

1. First, put on your long sleeve t-shirt.

2. Grab your belt wrap it around your wrist to measure how long it will be. I pulled the belt tight around my wrist (over the shirt) then added about 3-4 inches (depending on how much overhnag you want once the belt is fastened).

3. Cut your belt in the desired spot then remove the bracket from the other end of the belt (the other half ot he belt). Remove that piece with a jewelry pliers secure onto the end of your shortened belt.

4. Wrap around the wrist, pull tight (or have someone help- it’s way easier), you’re good to go. Stupid easy, so so cool!

fashionlush, diy belted cuff tee, fashion hack

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