DIY Pallett couch + 5 Killer Home Decor Projects

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hi hi guys! Happy Monday.

I am heading to Vegas for the night for a fun little girls trip, so be sure to follow along on Instagram Snapchat!! Should be exciting ;).

As for today’s post- I have been on a MASSIVE home decor kick. This happens a few times a year, where I decide I need to change everything in my house. I started w/ the patio whipped up this amazingly fluffy fabulous pallet couch.

Well… I wouldn’t say I casually whipped it up, we did have to build a few things, but surprisingly it was pretty easy is now my favorite chill spot in the house. SADLY- I photographer all the steps our hard drive crashed (let’s not even go there… so painful), but luckily it’s pretty straightforward so I think we will be okay!

Keep reading for the step-by-step along with 5 other really insane home decor DIY projects I am dying to try!!

x, E

fashionlush, home decor diy, diy pallet couch

diy pallet couch

supplies: two pallets (we found a whole bunch behind the grocery store!), 8 caster wheels w/ breaks, twin mattress, waterproof mattress cover, twin fitted sheet, galvanized pipe + 4 elbow connectors + 4 flanges (all from the hardware store!), a TON of pillows

1. Attach your caster wheels to all four corners of both pallets.

2. Build your side “railings”. For this, you will need to measure the height you want them to be, as well as the length (which should be a few inches shorter than the length of your pallets). take these measurements to the hardware store, pick a pipe you like, give the guy your measurements, ask him to cut. You will do 4 of the side/tall pieces, 2 of the top/horizontal pieces.

3. You will also need to purchase the connector pieces. you will need 4 elbow connectors (to connect the side railing)  4 flanges (the base piece) to secure your railing into your pallet. Ask the hardware guy to help you find the correct sizes!

4. Once you secure your side pieces to your pallet, get your mattress ready by putting on the waterproof cover  twin fitted sheet. Place on top of your pallets.

5. Now, for the fun part- get crazy with the pillows. We got a TON of fabulous pillows from Minted. I loved shopping Minted because they have all prints in various sizes, so you can really mix match. Also, they have ginormous pillows which we used as back pieces to our couch they are a dream. So cozy. Check out all their amazing prints/patterns/colors here.

6. That’s all! Just be sure if you’re expecting rain to get a tarp! It is semi-waterproof, but still, I like to keep my precious patio couch extra protected.


1. mini patterned plant pots: these are so amazing- right? I love love the minimal vibes of these cuties.

2. chic indoor swing: ever since we went to Greece this past summer, I have been dreaming of an indoor swing. So many of the little houses have the cutest indoor swings.

3. palm leaf tray: this pop of color in the kitchen is all of the feels, plus, I just dig the natural element. gorgeous.

4. marble tapered candles: you know how I feel about marble, since I just ordered a new candle holder, I can’t wait to try marbling my boring white candles.

5. minimal x shaped coaster set: considering the black x is my fave emoji, it’s no doubt I am obsessed w/ these simple black coasters. Plus- such a breeze to make!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!! xo

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