DIY La Croix Cake

DIY La Croix Cake!

It’s no secret that the Internet/Instagram/literally everyone loves their La Croix. I just want to know why it took me so long to discover this magic!?!? It’s definitely everyone’s favorite drink for a reason! So we did what anyone would do and we made a La Croix cake!!!!! Can you imagine how fun this would be for a birthday or even a bachelorette party!?!?

And if you’re thinking “well, that’s nice but yeah RIGHT can I make this!” we made a video tutorial to go along with this one to show you it’s surprisingly simple to recreate! Videos are always much requested for our cake DIYs and… ask and you shall receive!

DIY La Croix Cake!

DIY La Croix Cake! DIY La Croix Cake!DIY La Croix Cake!

Photos + Video by Rachel Kivlahan | Recipe by Theresa Rountree

So the most important question to ask here, other than WHEN are you making this!? Is obviously.. what is your La Croix flavor of choice??

p.s. DIY Taco Cake!

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