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fashionlush, DIY Embroidered Vans, sneaker DIYfashionlush, DIY Embroidered Vans, sneaker DIY

Anyone else super stoked about the old school sneaker revival trend? I love a good throwback moment, which you already know if you hear my choices of music on Insta-stories.

I just can’t stop w/ the 90’s. If I had my wardrobe from back then still, in my adult size, of course… I’d be killing the style game.

Sadly, I don’t hoard clothes… but I did have a pair of old school Vans that could use stylish little update while still keeping up w/ the 90s vibe. I actually spotted some rose embroidered Vans the other week on the web that were calling my name, but the price was steep the DIY vibes were just way too much of a no brainer.

SO… I do as I do, scored some rose patches, whipped up a pair for myself for a fraction of the price. Peep the simple steps below be sure to tag #FASHIONLUSHDIY if you recreate this project (which you should, because it’s damn cute) so I can check out your hand work.

x, E

fashionlush, DIY Embroidered Vans, sneaker DIY

diy faux rose embroidered vans

supplies: old school vans (regular or high top!)  | rose iron on patches | iron damp towel | small scissors | optional: strong hold glue

1. layout your patches where you want them. I opted for the front toe spot, but the side is cute as well, or the back (where I threw on some other phone patches).

2. once you know where you will place them, lay them flat put the damp towel over top before you start to iron.

3. Iron away diligently (I needed to iron better for mine) wait until all corners adhere to the shoe. Rinse, repeat.

4. Trim any stems or leaves that overhang off the shoe, cause these patches can be a tad bigger than the area you’re working with.

5. Optional: my patches came unglued a little bit after I wore them, so I went in reinforced w/ this glue now they are stuck for reals.

fashionlush, DIY Embroidered Vans, sneaker DIY

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