Arlo: Four Months

Four Month Monthly Photo

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Four months feels like SUCH a big month! Holy moly. Arlo is like a real person now! We had our four month doctors appointment and he passed with flying colors, weighing in at 14 lbs 6 oz and 25.5 inches long! What a tall, skinny guy!

Every week he gets more and more fun. He’s now a master at rolling from his stomach to his back, and he’s almost rolling from back to stomach too. He’s laughing a lot more which is the best sound I’ve ever heard and he’s really starting to notice and interact with everything. He’s reaching for things and bringing them to his mouth like a champ! He is also obsessed with trying to fit his entire fist in his mouth. This often results in gagging. Ha!

Possibly related, he’s stellar at projectile spitting up on everything and everyone and smiling afterwards, so we have to warn people before they hold him. He’s gotten more and more vocal. In addition to happy and mad screams, he now sometimes sings while we burp him. It’s hilarious!

Right after he turned three months he decided he absolutely H-A-T-E-D the car. And he let us know by screaming from the moment we set him in the car to the moment we took him out. Even if I was sitting next to him, SCREAMS! He’s been a little bit better the last week or so, but if you have any tricks for districting babies who hate the car, help a girl out!

I do think a large part of it is because he’s… bored? Arlo’s so active and just seems to get bored easily in general. We recently bought an excersaucer which we’re hoping will help with that! He’s definitely a little guy that likes to be entertained. But I just love how curious he is as a result! Curiosity is such a sign of creativity and you know that makes this mama happy! I can’t wait until he can really start exploring everything. It feels like he’s itching to be an early crawler.

The doctor said we can start introducing solids whenever we feel comfortable which we’re ridiculously excited about! I’m going to start doing some research on what kinds of foods I want to start with and once we finally get a high chair (now that we’ll have room for one!), we’ll get him rolling on some real food! Wahooo!!!

And that’s that! Arlo, doing four months like a pro!!

Monthly Baby Photos

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