DIY 80s Shell Soap Inspired Chocolates (+ A Conclusion to The Shell Soap Saga of 2017)

DIY Shell Soap Inspired Chocolates

This post will make NO sense unless you have been following the great Shell Soap Saga of 2017 on my Insta stories!!! I’m gonna summarize it for you down below but for those already in the know.. we just had to do a shell soap inspired project!!! So we made shell soap inspired CHOCOLATES! Hahaha!! It’s very not us but also very hilarious to make these for your friends who also remember this mysterious phenomenon. Or just for your Grandma because she still has a bowl of the real thing sitting atop her toilet for going on… 30 years? I mean… don’t they look like the real thing!?!? Ha! I was dying making these. So perfect.

DIY Shell Soap Inspired ChocolatesDIY Shell Soap Inspired Chocolates

Okay, quick aside to catch those of you up who are all…. “Whaaa??” and to also conclude this extensive investigation.

Basically when we were in Palm Springs, we were up late one night chatting and someone brought up those 80’s shell soaps that basically every grandma had (has?) in their bathroom. We all VIVIDLY remembered going to a store at the mall and buying them out of wooden baskets, but none of us could remember what store! So I asked you guys on Instagram and NONE of us could agree OR find proof!

Some said The Body Shop but we had a 90’s Body Shop employee confirm that they sold shaped soaps, but not shells. Several said Crabtree Evelyn and Pier 1. But neither of those felt right to me. Then, someone said JC Penney and THAT felt familiar. And then several of you found a shell soap manufacturer that was confirmed to have wholesaled to JC Penney. I think they were in the towel section or something… maybe!? But The Body Shop definitely had more of the display I was imagining… So I’ve concluded that I am thinking of two different things: 1) I was remembering purchasing shell soaps in JC Penney, but they were in the towel section and not in wooden baskets. And 2) I was remembering purchasing other shaped soaps (Like animals and the like) from The Body Shop and those were the ones in the wooden baskets.

PHEW. You still with me!?!? Hahahah! A lot of you were asking for a conclusion so I think that has to be it. Unless someone can find me other PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF! Still haven’t managed to un-earth that.

Now back to the tutorial…

DIY Shell Soap Inspired ChocolatesDIY Shell Soap Inspired ChocolatesDIY Shell Soap Inspired Chocolates

I’d like to thank you all for your investigative work. Grandparents were called, moms were texted, former 90’s mall employees were consulted… you all went HARD on this and I’m obsessed with each of you even more now. WE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE!! Haha!! So glad our little team wasn’t the only one who was baffled by this mystery. May it rest in peace.

p.s. Birthday Cake Soap!





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