DIY Turmeric Face Mask for Stubborn Acne

fashionlush diy face mask for acne

I don’t know what is going on right now, but over the past week I have been breaking out like a 13 year old teenage boy.

It’s not an easy kind of acne either that will go away with a good exfoliation, it’s that painful hormonal acne that shows up like a beard all along the jawline. It’s the most stubborn kind of acne in the world.

I like to map my acne to figure out the cause, so that I can find the right products/vitamins to help clear up the issue ASAP. You can check out acne face mapping post to see how it’s done- super informative if you’re suffering from breakouts.

For me, it pretty much always leads back to hormones. I typically do a pretty good job with keeping the hormonal acne under control, but a few times year it comes back into my life that’s when I pull out the big guns.

When my acne is being an asshole, I head to the kitchen whip up my go-to oatmeal/honey/hemp oil/TURMERIC face mask.

I swear you guys, this mask is AMAZING. It leaves your skin glowing, helps speed up the healing of any acne scars, clears up acne, moisturizes, so much more (see below for a full breakdown of how this mask will bring life back into your skin!).

Check out the how-to below if you’ve got any DIY masks or beauty concoctions I need to try- comment below!! I love love love a good beauty project.

p.s. turmeric will stain your clothes. it could stain your skin, so just use a thin layer. The thicker the mask, the more likely it is to stain you skin. If your skin does get stained, wash your face twice and it should easily go away!

turmeric face mask for acne by erica stolman

homemade face mask ingredients:

plain oatmeal (you can also blend in a food processor to make the oatmeal finer!), raw organic honey, hemp oil (read all about hemp oil here– love the stuff!), turmeric. 

diy acne mask step by step:

1. combine 2 parts oatmeal w/ one part honey stir thoroughly. If you are having a hard time blending the ingredients, you can add a bit of water to the mix.

2. then combine 1 part hemp oil to the concoction along with one tsp. of the magical ingredient- turmeric.

3. stir until all ingredients are fully combined.

4. make sure your face is clean, apply the mask in circular motions (for a gentle exfoliation). Let sit for 15-20 minutes rinse off with cool water.

fashionlush turmeric acne face mask

turmeric for skin

+ turmeric contains curcumin which has many health benefits including being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

+ curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric, makes this spicean antibacterial and anti-inflammatory powerhouse. It helps to soothe skin irritations, treat burns, relieve pain of a sunburn, treats acne help speed up wound healing.

+ turmeric is widely used as a skin exfoliant helps to diminish wrinkles/improves skin’s texture.

+ turmeric’s skin lightening properties help to even out skin tone, fade acne scars,  lighten dark spots (this mask is great for melasma sufferers!).

+ it’s anti-inflammatory properties works wonders on inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, stubborn acne.

+ turmeric is an antioxidant, which reduces cell damage to your skin from the sun and free radicals.

+ turmeric makes you GLOW.

honey for skin

+ honey contains super powerful antibacterial, antioxidant, antiseptic properties- all of which contribute to clearing up annoying acne. Honey also creates a barrier against free radicals nasty toxins.

+ honey is hygroscopic, which means it holds water molecules while still being able to dry out bacteria, making it a really amazing moisturizing treatment as well.

+ speeds up wound healing (after you’ve picked at your acne all day, you’re gonna need some accelerated wound healing…)

oatmeal for skin

+ oatmeal is incredibly moisturizing helps to relieve itchy/dry skin by balancing out skins pH level (did any one else take oatmeal baths when they have the chicken pox?!)

+ reduces inflammation, cleanses skin thoroughly, treats acne.

hemp oil for skin

+ it also has anti-inflammatory properties that help with skin issues such as acne, dryness, eczema, psoriasis, scarring, hyper pigmentation, etc.

+ the composition of hemp oil is similar to the composition of our skin- making it absorb easily into the skin help speed up skin regeneration.

+ read more about hemp oil here.

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