DIY Chain Gang Denim Jacket

erica stolman diy denim chain jacket

WHEW- crisis averted.

Just spent the last 12 hours without wi-fi it was seriously a bleak time in my life. I know, drama drama, but for reals- I had an IT here at 7am trying to fix it  he ended up leaving me without internet. I stumped the IT guy, AND paid him $100.

I legit broke the internet, but not in a cool Kim K. kinda way.

As I was sitting here, literally twiddling my thumbs not knowing what to do with my life sans internet, BOOM- TV comes back on, internet fires up, finalllly this POST IS GOING LIVE.

I took a few days off from work cause I have had family in town, but I am really happy Y2K didn’t happen to me cauze I have MISSED YOU GUYS it’s also been a damn long time since I got my hands dirty w/ a little DIY action.

Now that I am in this new, much bigger, space you guys can def. expect more DIY projects. Nothing like a move to get the creative juices going, ya know?

fashionlush do it yourself denim jacket tutorial

Alright alright alright, now for the good stuff, how dope is this DIY backless chain jean jacket? Totally spotted this somewhere on some street style queen somewhere, needed to make it. I mean, chain + scissors + the ability to loop some needle thread. EASY PEASY.

Check out the step by step below if you’ve any designer DIY’s you want me to recreate, holler at your girl shoot me a link. I love a good challenge ;). x, E

diy chain gang denim jacket

supplies: dark denim jean jacket | gold curb chain | Gingher sewing scissors | needle thread

1. lay out your denim jacket on a flat surface.

2. using your scissors, cut out the middle panel of the jacket. clean up any loose threads.

3. grab your curb chain begin laying out your pieces, using the jewelry metal cutters to cut your pieces to fit. Lay the chains out so they are about 1 1/2 inch distance from each other.

4. hand stitch each end of your chain in place.

**if a piece is too long, you can cut off a link or two- you can totally eyeball it as you go!**



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