5 Unique (& Chic) Halloween Nail Design Inspirations

fashionlush unique nail art for halloween

OY- it’s Halloween time (already??). Honestly, I can write about it… envision that I’d like to be preparing for it… but I have completely done nothing to prepare for Halloween, nor do I plan to anytime soon.

I love the idea of being the kinda person who goes all out decorating there house for every single holiday, I love the idea of my house covered in skulls/pumpkins/creepy little glittery rats hiding in corner… but shit, I just don’t have time for that.

I like the idea of picking out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, carving it, roasting the seeds… but then I remember how bummed I was cleaning up pumpkin guts last year.

I like the idea of planning out the perfect costume for months, but Halloween is on a Tuesday I am too tired (much more the figure it out last minute type/wear the same mask every year type).

Basically, I’ve turned into the grinch of Halloween… except when it comes to my nails. I have been growing my natural nails out for MONTHS (full post on this journey coming soon!) so I can get back on my nail art game, now that my nails have finally made some progress, I will definitely be getting creative with my Halloween mani.

It’s perfect considering I have to get my nails done anyways… it’s no extra work for me to be just a little less Grinch-y of me. 

Okay… now for my Halloween nail art mood board vibes. I always come to the salon fully equipped with photos of exactly what I want. No room for error. Also, when looking for a nail salon, refer to YELP look at the photos. Make note if there is a specific nail tech who excels at nail art make an appointment with her! That’s how I found my nail guru (shoutout to Sarah!), she’s a nail art genius!

fashionlush spider nails, halloween

i. Spider Nail Design

Spider nails are always a classic fit perfectly with my black white vibe!

I especially love the half moon mani w/ spiderwebs  if you have coffin shaped acrylic nails, mixing up textures/colors/pattern on different nails is always different fun ( black rhinestones for the spiders body is too cute!).

Try it yourself with this half-moon spider web tutorial.

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fashionlush witchy inspired nail art

ii. Witchy Inspired Nails

I am a sucker for a witchy/dark/edgy mani… so these are definitely up my alley!

I am envisioning a last minute Stevie Nicks costume thrown together w/ one of these manis I’d be good to go on my costume? See… I think good under pressure.

Try it yourself with this rad moon phase man tutorial (obsessed w/ this look!).

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fashionlush creepy chic nail art

iii. Creepy Chic Nail Art

I am digging this kinda minimal, kinda high fashion, but still creepy nail art vibe. I Like these three mani options cause although they are Halloween-ish, but I won’t look as weird when Halloween is over.

Again, time is money, if I get my nails done… they’re gonna stay that way for atleast two weeks. Two week old zombies or Jack-O-Lanterns is just weird.

Try it yourself with this blood drip mani tutorial.

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fashionlush, diy halloween nail art

iv. Do It Yourself #NailSpo

Okay, these are ALL for the DIY-er’s out there.

Personally, nail art isn’t my strong suit as my hand is shaky I am incredibly inpatient… but these three designs look simple enough for even me.

+ wandering eyes: paint your nails solid black, let dry, then use a double sided dotting tool (the larger end) to make two white dots. Let dry repeat with black polish in the center of the white dots using the small end of your dotting tool. Finish with matte topcoat.

moon stars: these are NAIL DECALS guys!! Paint your base color, put these bad boys on, finish with top coat- easiest nail art ever!

+ stitched tips: honestly, I love this… but I’d probably do a light pink or white instead of orange. The orange is just a bit too festive for me. But this is too easy not to try, you can totally mix up your color choices. Using nail tape, section of the top tip of your nail pain the tip your main color. When dry, peel off the nail tape use a nail art pen to draw your stitches! Easy peasy.

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fashionlush, intricate halloween nail art

iv. Next Level Halloween Nail Art

This is the kinda shit you see in nail art competitions, I have ALWAYS wanted nails like the above. It’s some serious intricate artwork happening.

I am all about the Dracula nails (which could most likely be achieved with some tips!), the mixed media nails with the brain/bloody/eye/gold rib cage is INSANE. If I had fake nails, I’d be way down for something like this!

the lastly, the 3D ghost manicure which even has a full blown tutorial to go along with it. Where do people come up with this stuff? SO creative!!

[ source | source | source ]

ALRIGHT- which one is your guys’ fave?? You pick, I’ll get!


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