Closet Halloween Costumes (cause really… ain’t nobody got time for that)

Alright- I gotta admit, I am not like super crazy when it comes to the holidays. I went to Homegoods the other day to get some pumpkin scented candles, but that’s about as far as it goes for me. The decor was great, fun, spooky… but I just can’t justify buying useless shit that is gonna end up in the garage (then you can’t find it, so you buy it all again the next year).

Same goes for costumes. The last thing I need is some cheesy costume looming around in my closet *just in case* I wear it again (which I won’t). I am a minimalist when it comes to belonging. I don’t like having stuff that is just taking space, so yea… I guess that’s my reasoning behind not going balls to the walls.


Halloween typically involves me digging through my closet, seeing what I have, getting creative. OR, I will buy something but only if it is something I will actually possibly wear again.

So today, I am sharing with you some costume inspo for the lazy girls out there (like me). You probably have a handful of the items listed in your closet already, but if not- all my picks are affordable AND cute- so you won’t break the bank you can wear them again.

I would love to hear- are you guys balls to the walls costume wearers that would give Heidi Klum a run for her money… or are you more of a closet costume maker like me??

Throwback Vibes | Penny Lane Costume

With the seventies revival, this costume is FUN if you have to purchase any of the above items, I can promise you… they will be HOT this Fall/Winter so you most def. will be wearing these pieces again! 

Babe in a Bodysuit | Not So Basic Black Cat

I know I know, you can’t get more basic than a black cat… but basic in a good way. Sometimes the classics are the best costumes (devil, angel, cat, ghost, etc.). I like the go to costumes cause it’s always open to interpretation there is lots of room for creativity. Plus, this is a look I would wear on a normal night out (minus the cat ears), so I am ALL about it.  

Trench Coat Costume | Frisky Flasher… but Also, Kim K.

Okay, so this one is cool because it’s a a double hitter. Frisky flasher, or Kim K. I’d probably go the Kim K. direction (just add black wig), but the Kardashian’s aren’t for everyone, so flasher is just as bad ass/hot. Plus, I’ve always wanted a pair of thigh high black vinyl boots ( a chance to be Kim for a hot minute). 

Jessica Rabbit Costume | ft. a Hottie Red Dress

You know I am loving red lately, so this is definitely a contender. Also, who Framed Roger Rabbit used to be one of my parents favorite movies. Never not down for an excuse to wear a hot red dress, not to mention- these $30 strappy rhinestone heels are a dead ringer for a pair of Gucci’s I just saw at Nordstrom. 

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