The Mindwelling: Our Master Closet Progress + Plans

Closet Shopping in LA!

It’s finally FINALLY time to talk CLOSET progress!!! We are SOOO close you guys, although a lot of you know that from following along on Insta stories!! But today I’m finally gonna make it blog-official! Haha. And before you know it, we’ll be revealing the whole thing too! BAM. Things are happening. Anyway, let’s chat!

We partnered with Chevrolet on this post. Yes, you read that right!  Chevy heard we had just bought a house and were starting on some renovations and they wanted to help us out! When they reached out, I told them we were knee deep in a closet renovation and completely overwhelmed. They offered to not only loan us their new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse to take along as we scoured LA for the best items to organize and decorate it with, they even brought on a professional organizer to help us pull it all together! We had SUCH a blast exploring, shopping and learning how to not stuff all our clothes into a tiny box and today I wanted to share a bit about our adventures and how we’re going to use what we got to deck out this closet.

First, let’s take a look at where we started.

Master Closet BeforeMaster Closet Before

The “closet” was previously used as a kitchenette. So in addition to having an oven in it, it was actually partially exterior and it had an exterior door. We’re removing pretty much everything, insulating and finishing the walls. And then comes the closet build-out itself!

Chevy brought in Beth of Bneato Bar to help us design and organize the closet. The space is actually going to function as both our laundry room and our closet and it’s a pretty weird shape so we needed a lot of help figuring out how to squeeze everything in! Beth asked our priorities and we told her the following: A wall for shoes (duh), some serious space for accessories (which we’ve previously just had thrown all over the place), all white shelving since our clothes are so colorful and space for a full length mirror.

She delivered! Beth came over and took inventory of all our clothes and accessories, designating certain things for drawers (accessories, t-shirts, etc.), shelves (sweaters and jeans) and hanging space (blouses, jackets, dresses, jumpsuits). Then she attempted to count our shoes… haha! Does anyone want to take a guess at how many shoes Jeff and I have combined? I’ll share the answer later today in my insta stories!

We went through several versions of the plan as we ran into some renovation roadblocks but you can take a look at the final layout mock-up below. We’ll be using the Elfa system from The Container Store and it was just installed last week and looks AWESOME!

Master Closet Floor Plan

So once Beth had us all set with the build-out, she gave us a list of organizational items to snag. And then, I stepped in and started picking out some of the decor pieces! Since our clothes are so colorful, I wanted the space to be all white with just really bold pops of color in the accessories. So the walls are white, we installed this amazing scallop tile from Fireclay (Some peeks of that progress below!) and the closet system is white as well.

Closet Tile


The three other elements I wanted to carry throughout, especially to tie in our bedroom (which I’ll talk about in the new year!), were pink, gold and rattan. We’re doing that with baskets, gold hardware and a pink closet door!!! I included the amazing rattan chandelier I snagged above but I’m still considering doing a DIY for one so that’s TBD. May pop the rattan one in another room if that happens because I love it so much.

A Colorful Master Closet


Ogee Drop Tile | Pink Dust Pan | Bamboo Pendant Lamp
Door Handle | Fringe Vase | Gold Drawer Pulls
Gold Hangers | Circle Coat Hooks | Blue Basket
Pom Pom Basket | Gold Mirror

I actually purchased three small rugs (It’s ok, you can judge me.) and will decide on the final one (or 2?) once I can see them in the space and then find another place in the house for the other two. (Maybe turn one into a wall hanging!?!) LOL I know, I have a problem. Do you have a fave!?!? Let me know below.

Vintage Moroccan Rugs

The rugs are one-of-a-kind but the shops I got them from are below:
No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3

Alright! So now… it was time to SHOP!

Closet Shopping in LA!

It’s a good thing Chevy loaned us the new Traverse or Arlo likely would have been riding on the roof and I hear that’s frowned upon? It was really fun testing out a slightly larger car than our current ones since that will be a transition we’ll need to make in a few years when we’ve added a couple more kiddos to the mix! The Traverse has three rows and what is expected to be best-in-class cargo space. We fit our giant stroller and all our storage containers, bags and some clothes so I can attest to that. And there were cameras that showed us all sides of the car so despite how full our trunk was, we could see every angle as we were backing out of the parking lots. Also, as a side note… I perpetually have trouble putting down the seats in any car we drive/rent (I tell Jeff they are “Kelly proof haha!) and these went down with the literal click of a button.

Closet Shopping in LA!

We went around LA and shopped for drawer pulls, organization stuff, a pink dust pan (Necessary? yes.) and some storage baskets because this girl can never have enough baskets. Another feature that came in handy as we loaded everything in was the hands-free automatic trunk situation. You literally just have to pop your foot under a Chevy symbol that illuminates on the ground and it opens. SHOUT OUT TO MY FELLOW MOMS OUT THERE who know what a dreamboat feature that is.

2018 Chevy Traverse

Last, and you probably saw this on my Insta story, there’s a little secret compartment behind the screen that pops up so you can store valuables. I’m not naming names but there is a man about 6′ tall that I live with who enjoys leaving valuables in the car… so this is pretty stellar for avoiding a break-in situation.

Scallop Tile Floor

We got home and laid everything out and it looks SO good! It feels really exciting to be so close to done on our first renovation experience!! It was definitely a learning curve but we’re really excited with how it’s turning out. We’ll be sharing the final closet soon so stay tuned for the reveal!

This post was created in partnership with Chevrolet. All content and opinions are that of my own! Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep the Studio DIY party going! Read more about my editorial policies here.





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