DIY Reindeer + Snowman Ice Cream Cones

Reindeer Ice Cream Cone

With Arlo in my life this year, my brain has been in full on Christmas mode since September. So Christmas ice cream cones in December is a thing that needed to happen!!!!!

We partnered with Blue Bunny Ice Cream today to add a little holiday spirit to two of their awesome flavors, Vanilla Bean and Cookie Butter. *quick pause* for an extra shout out to the cookie butter because it’s literally so delicious we were fighting over it… and they sent us like four containers. Haha!

Anyway, the Cookie Butter flavor was perfect for little reindeer ice cream cones and Vanilla Bean was perfect to turn into snowmen ice cream cones! All aboarddddd the holiday train, folks! How FUN would this be at a Christmas party where everyone could “build their own” cone!? All the accessories are made with candy and candy melts and are so easy to create.

Reindeer Ice Cream ConesSnowman Ice Cream ConesSnowman + Reindeer Ice Cream ConesDIY Snowman Ice Cream ConesSnowman + Reindeer Ice Cream ConesSnowman Ice Cream Cones

Snowman Ice Cream ConesReindeer Ice Cream ConeSnowman Ice Cream ConesReindeer Ice Cream Cones

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Food Styling Assistant: Theresa Rountree

If you decide to make these at a party, try offering all different colors for the “accessories” so everyone’s can be a little different! You could even use different color cones (OMG) and make it really really colorful. The possibilities are endless and they’ll totally be a hit with the whole fam!!!

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