No more sharing! BBQ grill disguised as a plant!

It happens every time – you’re grilling up a succulent steak for dinner, your mouth is watering just waiting to tuck in, and sharing is not on the menu.  Then who shows up but the hungry, nosy neighbors, or your friend from around the block who knows what time the soups on!  Dangit – can’t you just eat in peace?  Well now you can with the amazing Hot Pot Barbecue.  Take a look:

grill planter

Just hide the grill!  This mini barbecue is an actual herb garden.  Now when you see them coming you can discreetly diguise your dinner as an innocent potted plant!  Even better – now your herbs are conveniently available to use for seasoning your supper!  This one is a hot ticket, so if you want to get yours before it’s too late head on over to Black + Blum and order yours today!

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Posted: May 12th, 2011 under WTF?.
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