Like Spam? Have it your way at Burger King!

Any Spam lovers out there?  Spam seems to be one of those things that you either absolutely love, or absolutely hate.  Sorry to say that I’m firmly planted on the side of the haters.  I can still recall the one time I was fooled into sampling Spam.  A good friend offered me a delicious fried ham sandwich, oozing mayo and grease only to find out that, in my exact words ‘This ain’t no damn ham sandwich!’  Our friendship has never recovered from this bit of trickery.  But I digress.  For those of you who are lovers of canned ham (and there are multitudes) you may be pleased to note that Burger King is all set to debut it’s new Spam Burger called the ‘BK Shot’.   Take a peek:

spam burgerInteresting, eh?  Intended mainly for the female market, the Spam sandwich will also be offered in savory flavors such as lemon pepper and as a BLT.  The bad news – the sandwich is being debuted in Japan, so it’s a heck of a commute if you have to have one of these right away.  But the good news is that if it’s as popular as anticipated you may see it in your local BK one day soon.  Spam lovers, keep your fingers crossed!

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Posted: June 21st, 2011 under WTF?.
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