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Don’t spend it all in one place!

Here’s a funny little tidbit I read online recently about a California lottery winner that I thought I’d pass along to you guys for a Friday giggle:

Californian Bill Helko was thrilled when he had the winning numbers in the local lottery, the first prize being $412,000.

He straight away went and ordered a Porsche, booked a family holiday

in Hawaii and had a champagne dinner with his wife and friends at an expensive Hollywood restaurant.

When he went to pick up the winnings he found that 9,097 others had

also won first prize and his share of the jackpot was $45.

Edited: January 28th, 2011

Website Re-do!

Hey all!  I just spent the last few days re-designing my online store, and I  wanted to let you all know about the blood, sweat and tears that goes into such a project.  It was time consuming and made my eyeballs hurt.  I want to share this with you good people so that you will feel sympathy, and think to yourself  ‘what a sacrifice she has made in the name of entrepreneurship’ and know how dedicated to my projects I can be!

Okay,  really I just want you all to hop over and take a look so that I won’t feel that I did all that work for nothing!  If you  like it let me know!  If you don’t like it, I don’t really want to know, but you can tell me anyway!  Sooo, head on over to the Candeystore and while you’re at it, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, you might as well do that too and stay in the loop!  Talk to ya soon!

Edited: February 9th, 2010

That could get hot!

Did you know…..

In ancient Egypt, the Pharohs often wore clothing made of thin threads of beaten gold.  Some fabrics had up to 500 gold threads in each inch of fabric!!

Edited: June 17th, 2009