Cool new tool for Ramen lovers!

Ahhhh, Ramen.  We all know it.  You tend to either love it or hate it.  A neat, tidy little package of cheap eats.  College student staple, quick food fix, savior of time-starved mothers everywhere.  And did I mention that it’s so cheap as to almost be a free meal.  A blank canvas for food doctor-uppers.  And yet, despite all that ramen has done for all of us over the years it goes widely unappreciated.  Well, now all that has changed with a new gadget created specifically for ramen eaters.  It’s the ramen noodle spoon & fork.  Take a look:

ramen spoon forkThis sleek new upgrade on the old plastic spork was created by ramen restaurant owner Masami Takahashi to enhance your ramen eating experience.  Looks pretty sleek to me.  If you’re ready to try one for yourself and take your  ramen slurping to the next level, then head on over to Unicahome and get one for yourself.  And don’t forget to stock up on your ramen!

Edited: June 15th, 2011